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February 1, 2019

EKLESS RADIO is now streaming on AIRTIME PRO!

What had been the flagship of various genre-centric projects hosted on Radionomy.com is now a stand-alone free-form station celebrating the music of a rock and roll lifetime. The FEKLESS RADIO project will feature weekday segments  HEADPHONE DIARY, THE SELECTOR AND UNDERCOVER, as well as producing weekend programs MAROONED, AMERISKA (hosted by THE UNKNOWN Saturdays) and ABBEY ROBE (hosted by  FEKLESS Sundays). We are also soliciting tracks from indie artists for integration into daily playlists. Our future podcast hosted by Fekless will also stream on weekends as well as available here at feklessradio.net.

The AIRTIME PRO mobile app will display station and segment logos, song title and artist info, and allow you to see wbat program is up next as well as schedule information for the next 7 days.

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