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March 14, 2019


FEKLESS RADIO has successfully navigated the stream of music platforms, carving out loyal niche audiences in Germany, Spain, Argentina,Chile, Canada and The Mother Country (USA). Along the way, we have partnered with Trans World Music Services and created free-form playlists to help you #FindYourSounds amidst the noises that get played elsewhere.

Being the geeks that we are, FEKLESS RADIO has studied the analytics and noticed something unexpected…most listeners seem to enjoy the segments curated by FEKtheDJ, which feature music from his personal collection. SO… starting March 15th, FEKLESS RADIO will be eliminating its nightly feature segments in order to add more ska, new wave and power pop tracks to its playlists.

WEEKEND LIVE PROGRAMS, launched on March 1st, will continue to provide a soundtrack for your activities.  FEKtheDJ hosts HEADPHONE DIARY Sundays at Noon ET (1600 GMT) and Midnight GMT (8 p.m.ET). Our flagship program blends personal favorites with music submitted to the station by indie artists such as Billy Joseph, Philip Harris, The Phonosonics, and Gary O’Neill.

We encourage everyone to provide us with feedback (positive or negative) and to suggest music to be added to the FEKLESS RADIO archives. Naturally you can leave your comments here on the website. If you are more of a social media person, visit our FEKLESS RADIO FACEBOOK PAGE,  TWEET US @radiofeklessYou can email us radioprojects@outlook.com




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