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As FEKLESS RADIO has evolved as a stand-alone streaming platform, so too have the playlist offerings we are presenting. As of  1 May 2019, we encourage you to explore with us the #ManySoundsofPowerPop.

‘Why Power Pop?” you may ask yourself. To be honest, it is a question we asked ourselves over the past few weeks. It boiled down to our belief in the HOLY TRINITY of independent radio streaming….

1) What do the numbers say? Since our launch on the AIRTIME PRO platform, FEKLESS RADIO has developed a loyal base of listeners from within the EU, especially in Germany and France. While listeners from the States and Canada are present, as well as Taijin China and the UK, the time slots between 0400 GMT and 1200GMT produce the highest listenership levels. It is during these hours that FEKLESS RADIO programs THE SELECTOR, our signature free-form segment prominently featuring classic and indie power pop tracks. Even dopes like us get the hint…most listeners enjoy power pop.

2) Commercial success is NOT bad? WE ARE NOT EXPERTS…WE ARE ARCHIVISTS. FEKtheDJ has made it his crusade to program and build stations around music terrestrial radio has forgotten (or never paid attention to). Consider this…. power pop really is a label slapped on artists and songs that could not be quantified as “pop” “rock” or “punk” But the sounds of each of these genres pervade the records by artists and songwriters typecast as “power pop”. So the CBGBS/new wave/MTV tracks we had been featuring alongside power pop tracks could themselves be filed under this monicker in record bins and in archives of record reviews. And just because a record sells respectably does not disqualify it from being worth listening to.

3) Program what you listen to! FEKLESS RADIO has just completed its move to new studio space in the Beechview neighborhood of PITTSBURGH PA. Being the music obsessives we are, a complete cataloging of the music available in our archives was undertaken-including a breakdown by genre of the music we maintain for streaming. Much to our surprise, power pop and related sub genres far outnumbered titles from every other genre (including our guilty pleasures of ska and dub). Once again, the plain facts dictate the switch-over to a power pop format that incorporates punk new wave indie DIY music as well as “prehistoric” precursors pub rock, pop rock and beat music.

For those listeners who miss the 50/50 split between punk/new wave and power pop, we apologize for teasing you over the past 2 months. Take heart knowing that many classic punk and guitar-laden new wave tracks can be heard in these new playlists. Hey, we love 2Tone and synth pop as much as anyone. The raw numbers indicate more listeners were getting into and commenting on the power pop tracks we programmed than any other. We also invite you to listen with an open ear and mind, since what music is labelled is not the same as what sounds good to a listener. C’mon….give us a try. HAVE YOU HEARD THE “NEW” US?

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